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Custom Metal Fabrication

Construction or maintenance of a building whether it is a home, office, store or any other residential or non-residential the workers are supposed to be trained professionals as they are dealing with delicate material and messing even a single thing up will jeopardize the safety of that place which may end up in collapsed. Many things are involved in the construction starting from civil work to electrical work, as every field plays an important role and one of those is metal fabrication, as metal is used in almost everything from railings to decoration pieces but custom-made objects are not that easily available and neither does every firm master in metal fabrication and here is where Weld and Arts Inc comes in.

Weld and Arts Inc is a company that provides you with services you require in custom metal fabrication, we provide services from which you can personalize your metal gates and railings giving them an elegant design that marks your standards, we also specialize in metal sculptures we can portrait your sculpture or the sculpture of your choice for award purposes, gift or for yourself other than that we also provide metal fabrication in residential and commercial buildings , our services also include metal pipes as metal ensures no leakage and unbreakable guarantee, some other services include aluminum welding, ducts & couplings and metal enclosures, these are just the services we provide to our clients other than that we specialize in skids and  brackets, ladders, platform, railing and cages, we also specialize in roll tanks & containers, guards, davit arms and other welding services and metal work.

We contain the capabilities required for customizing almost anything a person could possibly think of as we have the appropriate tools with up to date modern technology that works in a way that the item may not be damaged, Weld and Arts Inc was founded in 2010 situated in Houston and we provide our services not only in the area but we provide services nationwide. And the owner of the company Mr. Adrian Martinez also possesses profound knowledge in the field of metallic working, as this is a very delicate field that requires 100% accuracy because of the reason that after the work is finished an inspection test takes place that checks the possibility of any disasters. We also produce Metal Plates that are the most essential part of metal work as they are the base material of working. Our team is filled with individuals that are skilled, talented, certified and experienced workers and their only aim is to provide you quality work. Feel free to contact us for details or for discussing price by phone call on (832) 677-2060 or via E-Mail at info@weldandarts.com and visit our website to get more knowledge on the services we provide at Weldandarts.com.

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